Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Use of Oil...How?

Effects of heated oil

-   increases blood pressure 
- increases risk of heart problems
-         - causes acne 
-         -  if using olive oil for instance, it takes out nutrients from it.


-Use natural oil, such as extra-virgin oil, after cooking or after heating your food.
- Simply Bake without use of oil instead of frying potatoes, fries or plantains.


"The salads are prepared with oil and vinegar, fermentation takes place in the stomach, and the food does not digest, but decays or putrefies; as a consequence, the blood is not nourished, but becomes filled with impurities, and liver and kidney difficulties appear.—Letter 9, 1887"

- E.G.W. Counsels on Diet and Health, 345.


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